Virtual Airlines Management System

Flight Tracker - Record your flights and create realistic flight-reports

The Flight Tracker is the link, connecting the information from your flightsimulator to the FSAirlines system.

We currently offer the Flight Tracker in two variations. You can choose if they want to use the standalone application which runs along-side the flightsimulator or if you prefer the plugin, which is directly integrated into the flightsimulator.

Quick steps to get started

  1. Book an available flight using the Crew Center
  2. Start your flightsimulator & the Flight Tracker application
  3. Fuel up your airplane using the interface given to you by the Flight Tracker (fuel from previous flights are automatically loaded into the aircraft)
  4. Start your flight - take into account the penalties for maximum flight-rating
  5. After safetly landing at your destination a detailed flight-report is generated and transmitted to the Crew Center


نسخه فعلی

ورژن: v2.1.0
تاریخ: 2012/04/02 20:20
تغییرات نسبت به نسخه قبلی:
- added all changes from
previous beta versions
- upload position data depending
on account type (free/premium)
- remove confirmation message
when minimizing client
دانلود سیستم عامل ملاحظات
FSAirlinesSetup-v2.1.0.exe Windows XP/Vista/7 نسخه کامل برای ویندوز
FSAirlines-v2.1.0-mac.zip Mac OSX X-Plane plugin for Mac OSX

More information about the current plugin beta-releases can be found in the wiki.

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